Bellevue is not just a beautiful place to live, it’s also ranked in the top 10 Best Public Schools in Washington State! Nowadays, our top-notch school system is one of the main reasons that people move to Bellevue.

Somerset is a neighborhood within Bellevue with A+ rated schools. As of 2021, it’s ranked #4 in the overall public schools in Washington on SchoolDigger. Our schools are backed by a well-supported innovative school district, passionate teachers, and faculty, and strongly supported financially by parents and families throughout the area. It’s no surprise that children thrive in this school district!

Below you will find school, program, and community information for Somerset neighborhood schools.

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Somerset Elementary School


Tyee Middle School



Newport High School






The above information is provided as a reference only. The images are property of Bellevue School District.  Please verify a specific property’s school boundries with local school officials.