We have a Winner!

It's game day and we have selected our winners. Check it out!

Thanks to everyone for entering.  It was great to see all positive energy this brings to our community. 

Congratulations Irene and Chen!


Posted on February 1, 2015 at 5:31 pm
Stephanie Kristen | Category: bellevue, contest, seahawks, seattle

4 responses to “We have a Winner!”

  1. Stephanie Kristen says:

    Jill Klinge pointed out what I totally missed.  NUMBER 12 was a winner!  Of Course they were!!

  2. Kelle Boyd says:

    Stephanie  – YOU are a NATURAL in front of the video camera! Every word, enunciation and gesture (chuck that pen, slap that table, girl!) is 100% Stephanie Kristen. Bless ya and GO HAWKS!


    • Stephanie Kristen says:

      Ha!  Thanks Kelle!  I told Mary I was going to do this in one take… So that’s what you get. The real me. 🙂 


  3. Chen Zhao says:

    I did not realize I had NUMBER 12!  Of course!  Go seahawks!!!  – Chen

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