Seahawks glassybaby giveaway!


To celebrate our Seahawks Super Bowl run I have created a fun little contest.  I have in my possession two of Seattle’s favorites.

1. A Seahawk glassybaby set: “we are 12” and “blue Friday” supporting the Seahawks Women’s Association to assist in the well-being and healthy development of women and children.

2. $50 Seahawk Starbucks gift card.

Here’s how to enter:

Just leave a comment below on your favorite thing about Seattle and the Seahawks between now and January 31st at 9 pm PST.  Whether it’s a favorite football moment or the way the city celebrates, we want to hear about it.  One entry per person please.

We will use a random number generator to pick our two winners and announce them on Super Bowl Sunday.  There could be a lot to celebrate that day!

Good Luck!  Stephanie

Posted on January 24, 2015 at 3:54 pm
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73 responses to “Seahawks glassybaby giveaway!”

  1. Rebecca Lawrence says:

    What I love about the Sea Hawks is that they are good guys. From supporting kids with cancer to chatting with fans, our Hawks demonstrate good citizenship and good sportsmanship on and off the field. Love those guys!

  2. Ruth says:

    I love how much Seattle fans, and his teammates, are supportive of Marshawn Lynch in the face of the league fining him due to his discomfort speaking with the media. From what I’ve seen, even the local media is leaving him alone. Some people will do anything to get their hands on a microphone. Others will do anything to avoid it. Real fans know he says everything that needs to be said with his actions on the field and in the community.

  3. My-Linh says:

    Stephanie, you are the "IT" girl! #GoHawks!

  4. Kristi Zimbelman says:

    I love the way the players stick to their game place, never lose confidence and keep on winning!

  5. Jennifer Pinkowski says:

    I am head-over-heels with whatever Paul Allen had to do with the University of Texas to get the Seahawks legal rights to use the 12th man concept (remember that scary little moment?). The way this team and organization embrace it's fans is like no other I know of in the NFL. Go Seahawks! The 12th man is behind you all the way! 

  6. Debra Kumar says:

    I love how this city rallies for their teams in good years and in bad years. We are like parents who say to our children, “have fun, play hard, I love you.” Go Hawks!

  7. Jacqui Becker says:

    I love how the Seahawks give us fun & positive shared experiences. Thanks, Stephanie!

  8. shannon says:

    Love the Community spirit and all the fans wearing blue and green to show their pride and support. 

  9. Lisa Flores-Young says:

    I love Seattle because no one is ever a stranger. No matter where you go. You run into another Seattlite in any city and your family. I'm in Las Vegas right now and me and all my girlfriends did blue Friday. All dressed in jerseys, hats… For 8 straight hours all we heard was "Go-Hawks, your team deserved that win". And each time we yelled back in full voice "SeaaaaaaHaaaaawks". Our voices were hoarse by the day's end. Then that night on the craps table… Whenever someone rolled a #12 we yelled "Go Hawks". It's been so much fun!

  10. Kim says:

    Love this team!  A real motly crew of guys who were underdogs and misfits and under some amazing leadership and faith they have come together to be the ultimate team.  GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

  11. Lisa Sanner says:

    Seattle – the beauty of the geography and the people who love it, live in it, and embrace it. Seahawks – their Why Not Us attitude and never giving up. 

  12. Chen Zhao says:

    Live glassy baby and love Seahawks!

  13. arden hyatt says:

    i love the seahawks because of everything they represent as a team and as individuals… community, character, respect, love, dedication, faith, positivity, honor, and they do yoga and meditation.  so even if you don't love football, you wind up loving seahawk football!  BOOM!

  14. Emilie says:

    Love the passion of the team and the 12s. I love to see the community support of the team. I also love the players who take time to give back to the community. Go Hawks!

  15. eileen lonergan says:

    I love how much the team values their fans!

  16. Mary Jo Huelsemann says:

    I love the Seahawks and how they represent the entire Pacific Northwest. Their appreciation of the community support from the 12’s and their whole approach to the game is so positive. On the field, I love that “it’s all about the game, boss … yeah … thanks for asking” 🙂 Go Hawks!

  17. Dianne says:

    I love the way the Seahawks have brought this community together – the 12th man is everywhere now.  Every day I see a jersey a scarf or hat on someone. I love it we are all one in celebration of their sport.

  18. Keri Cable says:

    There is no greater experience than being at Century Link field during a Seahawks game.  The energy is so amazing and unless you have gone you just can't describe it.  There is such a love for our team and such a respect for each player and coaching staff.  They have developed a recipe for success that goes beyond what we see on the football field.  They play with heart and passion for each other.  That is what makes a team successful!  We have been attending games for 17 years now and there really is no other experience like that of a Seahawks game!  Go Hawks!!  Proud to be a 12!

  19. Irene says:

    I love how all of Seattle joins in on Blue Fridays. Also love how every Hawk embrace Carroll's philosophy and passion. Such a great time for the team and 12s alike!!

  20. libby says:

    I love the grit and belief they show as a team. Russell passing to Germaine Kearse after missing 4 other critical catches for the OT TD and the win was the ultimate in belief in your teammates.

  21. Audrey says:

    The fake field goal!  Creative and gutsy.  So impressed with the Seahawks' fighting spirit.

  22. Melissa Stephens says:

    The Seahawks always make it an exciting game – as a fan you just never know what they will do next…and as a result the fans go wild – even in 49er country.

  23. Kelly baker says:

    Met a Dad today at the NW Sportsman Show in Puyallup who's 9yo daughter is severely autistic.  Up until last week, she only spoke 7 words/phrases.  Last we she said SEA-HAWKS, her 8th phrase, for the first time.  He & I both teared up as he told me this.

    • archana verma says:

      Stephanie,what a lovely idea! Heartwarming! I teared up reading Kelly Baker's story about the 9yearvold autistic girl. What I love about Seattle is its breathtaking natural beauty and temperate climate. What I love about Seahawks is how they make it believable that mere mortals can work hard and achieve greatness!

  24. Leigh-Ann Eng says:

    I love the way the Seahawks play with heart. Working hard, working together, respecting each other, believing in each other and never giving up.

  25. Sherilyn Smith says:

    I love this team because they play with heart, never give up, focus and visualize sucess. I don't think I have heard other teams say that they love their teammates! What great role models for the kids that watch sports. There is a place for all different types of people on the team as well. Great stuff! GO HAWKS

  26. Betsy says:

    What's not to love? Love Seattle for how it embraces its quirkiness. Love the Seahawks as a team full of quirky characters. They epitomize teamwork at its best and are led by a young QB who is amazing on the field but an even better man off the field as evidenced by his consistent presence at Seattle Children's Hospital. 

  27. Ellen Murphy says:

    I love how the team unifies the city (area).  You see everyone from grandmas to construction workers in Seahawks gear – the energy & excitement is contagoious!

  28. Kristin Stay says:

    I love how it brings the community together, how Christmas lights are replaced with blue and green lights on homes in the neighborhood, how 12 flags are flying everywhere, and that everyone says "Go Hawks" in greeting one another.

  29. Ka Yee Yeung says:

    I particularly enjoy Kam Chancellor’s effort: whether he is giving his “boom” to the other team, leaping to block a field goal, or intercepting the football. Go Hawks!

  30. Judy Kuhn says:

    Even though everyone lives on their own ………."Seahawk Time" brings my family together once a week and I love  that……….. The best part of being a Seahawks fan is watching ,talking and being with my two favorite boys………. Go Hawks…………

  31. Patricia Magnani says:

    I love anything that promotes a sense of community and brings people together.  So I'm a fan of the Seahawks and I'm also grateful for you Stephanie, my wonderful friend and neighbor of more than ten years now!  Thanks Steph for your positivity, your half-glass-full faith in things, and for this really fun contest which reminded me how fortunate I am that all of you wonderful folks out there are a part of my family's community!!  What an inspirational read!

  32. Magdalena says:

    My favorite thing sbout Seattle is how nice the people are. My favorite thing about the Seahawks is Pete Carol sincerwe share a Trojan history

  33. Debbie says:

    I so love the Seattle Seahawks and the Joy and togetherness they bring to community everywhere. 

  34. Maria Pickering says:

    I will never forget the day we skipped school and work to be a part of the Seahawk Superbowl parade last year. Seattle and surrounding cities came out to support the team and show their pride. We even spotted Somerset neighbors in the large crowds. Every time we see the parade in the pre-season Seahawk shows, we start shouting, “We were there!”
    It is nice to be part of a unified city with fantastic team spirit!

  35. Kathy Peter-Contesse says:

    Having grown-up in another city supporting a different football team that is no longer there–it is really exciting how everyone gets caught up in "Hawk" fever. I just love the 12th fan idea and even total strangers have something in common. GOOD LUCK SEAHAWKS!

  36. Jill Follett says:

    I love it when the players dance on the field, motioning to the crowd, and the crowd begins jumping and dancing, too.  It's one of many ways the players and 12s show each other support.  We're in it together!

  37. Melinda Lilley says:

    Love the great outdoors in and around the Emerald City! Love the teamwork of the Seahawks on and off the field!! RE-PETE! GO HAWKS!

  38. Sue Sander says:

    GO HAWKS! I love the SEAHAWKS and they can WIN this one too! ALso, Stephanie- thank you for this "giveaway" and all of your efforts! GO STEPHANIE too!


  39. Barb Howell says:

    Seattle unites with the whole cast of characters from the SeaHawks team members, Coach "RePete" and the 12s!  Plus, the way Seattle celebrates is totally unique…what other city goes nuts in the streets after winning the Super Bowl, but heads back to the sidewalks when the traffic lights turn red!  Ha! Let's do it again!  Love all the good feel stories with12s not only in Seattle but around the world!

  40. Patricia Gonzalez says:

    Sometimes I find myself wondering why I'm so faraway from my family and my old good friends…but now, these days, I have to say I'm very proud of being part of this city and this community with such a great team- a real TEAM, truly a nice brotherhood! I just love so much the spirit around the hawks! 🙂




  41. emily hainer says:

    I love hearing about all the wonderful charities the hawks are running. The fact that our world champion team takes time to visit schools, children hospitals and other locals is amazing. It makes cheering for them that much easier

  42. Jared Nieuwenhuis says:

    Go Hawks! Beat the Pats!

  43. Chris Bradley says:

    What a great idea, Stephanie!  The spirit of giving and community is everywhere in our great city! I have loved watching the Hawks rally all the generations, young and old. Here's to a great game on Sunday!

  44. Wanda Nuxoll says:

    I love the connection that arises from cheering on the Seahawks! Seeing a person wearing Seahawks gear (such as when I was in Banff last summer) gives an instant connection, a smile and a statement of "Go Hawks!" to exclaim to a total stranger. The connection of being a 12 is a great reflection of the unity created on the team this year with so many strong and different personalities that have molded into one, strong team!  Go Hawks!!

  45. Kathy Jones says:

    I love our community spirit! The people here give back to others in such generous ways. Seattle you are awesome! Oh and by the way the Seahawks aren't bad either 🙂  Sea….Hawks….Sea….Hawks….Sea….Hawks!

  46. Betsy says:

    Skyline and Highlights!!  Love the connections made.  Positive energy!

  47. Susan Freeberg says:

    I love that the Seahawks bring the whole community together! Go Hawks!

  48. Karen says:

    I loved the last three minutes of the playoff game. 

  49. Lisa Benoit says:

    Being in the stadium for Beast Quake #1 with my husband standing beside me saying, "oh my gosh!" with every broken tackle will always be one of my favorite memories!

  50. Neil DuCharme says:

    The entire Seahawks team attitude of "always compete" and "never give up" are saying we have all heard.  It is almost second nature to just read these sayings and think nothing of them, like we are numb to them…but the Seahawks actually listen to these  words, dissect the meaning, figure out how to use them in the scheme of their profession, and ultimately live by these words!  What a great group of positive roll models.  



  51. John S says:

    I love the way the Seahawks have brought the great feeling of pride to the community, knowing we have one of the best run,hardest working,most inspiring football teams ever! Go HAWKS!!

  52. Indigo Montoya says:

    I originally moved here years ago in my search for a six-fingered man and ended up staying. I grew up a Denver Broncos fan, not hating, but strongly disliking the Seahawks as they were in the same division.  Last year, the Hawks won their first Super Bowl and it reminded me of how I felt when the Broncos won their first. The fans here, or rather the 12th Man, are incredibly gracious and excited and it's hard not to root for this team. Go Seahawks.  

  53. Joan Griswold says:

    I am the first to admit that I am a "bandwagon" fan–heck, I didn't even like football. BUT what I love about the Seahawks is that they have totally converted me. I have been evangelized. I watch the games, I cheer, I've come to know and respect the players, I've even learned what a 2-point conversion is. I know it's not about me but any team that has managed to make a football fan out of me due to their attitude, their spectacular play, their strength of character, and their perseverence is a great team!!! GO HAWKS!

  54. Leydi garcia says:

    Go Hawks!!!!!!'

  55. Ruth Marsh says:

    Wow, hard to add much to all the inspiring comments put here so far. I completely agree with, well, EVERYONE, but like Joan Griswold I have also been converted by the display of character shown by the team. They are a true TEAM! Think about that NFC Champ game — every single point was achieved in its own way and showed creativity, intelligence, skill, athleticism, and incredible TEAMwork. Seeing the guy who held the ball for the kicker get up, run, and make a perfect TD pass blew me away. Many life lessons were on display on that field, most importantly to never give up – on yourself and your team. Simply awesome!

    What do I love about Seattle? The people, the mountains, the water…it's a great place to live.

  56. Ronda Patrick says:

    Attending the first Seahawks Super Bowl appearance with my husband!


  57. Eric Larson says:

    My favorite things?
    Whiskers on kittens and warm woolen mittens.
    Seahawk wins and this great weather.

  58. Nancy D. Solomon says:

    The Seahawks ARE SEATTLE; they unify this city bringing together all races, religions, sexual orientations, etc. When we watch a game there is only ONE of us– the 12th (wo)man. I don't believe there is a single other event, agena, political election, cause, etc. that so fully represents who we are, what we stand for, or the contribution we make to the world.

  59. Ladan says:

    Tomorrow's game is not going to be trivial, but Seahawks have Seattle.  They have got to win!


  60. Jude Mercer says:

    I love the positive energy Pete Carol brought to the team and got all the players to buy in.  It's a perfect match for the Seattle ethos creating a wonderful synergy between team and fans. 😉

  61. My-Linh Thai says:

    Really love how Coach Caroll sees "Family First"! Fantastic role model!

  62. julie says:

    Love how the spirit of the game pulls the entire community together.  Pete Caroll, Russell Wilson are such great role models for our kids.  Teamwork, determination – great life lessons.  Go Seahawks!

  63. Kaveh Khatibloo says:

    Growing up in Boston, I always loved Boston Sports. I know what pationate fans mean to a team, Or atleast I thought I knew…until I saw the 12th man.  I truly believe that the Hawks have an extra player on the field with them.  The relationship between the Seahawks and the community is even stronger than Green Bay and Packer fans.  Until you lived here, you can not feel it. It is truly powerful.  Good luck to the Seahawks.

  64. Lynne says:

    I'm not a huge football fan but the Seahawks have been such an inspiration to all. The way they managed to pull off a win against all odds was truly amazing. A great example for us all about the power of intention and not giving up… It's awesome.

  65. Lea Monson says:

    I love the example the Hawks set for our children.  Team work!!  Every player is important and plays for the guy next to him.

  66. Traci says:

    I grew up watching the Seahawks in the King Dome during the Jim Zorn/Steve Largent era.  Now I love watching my kids really enjoy the Seahawks, wearing their jerseys, watching all the games together, and watching them win their first Super Bowl last year.  I am looking forward to watching them win their second Super Bowl this year!!  Go Hawks!!

  67. Susan D says:

    Love the community spirit our Seahawks inspire!  Love the positive attitude of  the athletes, even when set back occur – gerat example!   (However,  I love glassy babies even more than Seahawks  – don't tell the team!)   Thanks Steph!!

  68. Bernadette says:

    I love the Seahawks for the charity work they do in our community.  They are great examples of giving back when your life has been blessed.  Go Hawks!

  69. Noreen says:

    i love earl Thomas for his work ethic & belief in himself & his abilities!


    GO HAWKS!!

  70. Jay DeMers says:

    I agree with you Steph, Carroll is an inspiration to all 63 year old men like me.  Jay

  71. Sarah says:

    I love how many of the Seahawk players give back to the community.  Russell Wilson is at Children's Hospital every Tuesday, what a role model!  Actions speak so much louder than words and I'm so proud of our team and their commitment to our city.  I also love how they appreciate their twelves!  It's easy to support and root for a team that appreciate their fans. As far as what I love about Seattle, besides the traffic, everything! 

  72. archana verma says:

    I love for its incredible, eye candy natural beauty. And I have lived in three countries. Seattle beauty is priceless. And the temperate climate I the icing on the cake.I love Seahawks because they make me feel that I can achieve anything if I work hard and put my heart and passion into it.

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